About Terry Riley

Liverpool Property Specialist

Terry Riley is a Liverpool property specialist who first entered the property sector in 1988 when he founded the Ascot Group. During the first few years of his property ventures, Terry started buying and selling property in and around the Liverpool area, particularly terraced houses, pubs and nightclubs that he significantly refurbished. By 1994, Terry launched Ascot Leisure with a portfolio of 22 pubs, clubs and restaurants. This business venture was sold in 2000, with Terry shifting his focus to residential and commercial developments.

During his many years working in the property sector, Terry Riley has built extensive experience in property development. Terry is proud to support the increase in housing supply to meet demand and has a history of developing social housing. With the Ascot Group, Terry and his team acquire lands that can be turned into redevelopment projects while offering investors unique opportunities. His commitment is to provide high-quality living, from social housing to luxury developments, ensuring every client base is catered for.

Specialist Property Areas

Terry has been involved in some of the most significant property developments throughout the United Kingdom, particularly Liverpool and the North West. Some of the types of property he has worked on include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Residential properties
  • Student housing
  • Care homes
  • Hotels
  • Mixed retail and residential projects

Personal Background

Terry Riley grew up on the Ford estate in Litherland, a relatively small area in the north of Liverpool. Terry was an avid amateur boxer who trained at the Rotunda ABC during his younger years. In 1985, he won three titles, the Schools ABA Championship, Junior ABA Championship and NABC Championship, becoming the first youth boxer to win all three in the same year. Following an eye injury, Terry hung up his gloves and transitioned to a career within the property sector.

Despite his professional ambitions ending, boxing plays an essential role in Terry’s life. In 2016, he backed an initiative to develop the amateur boxing scene. Terry joined forces with local firm King Construction and professional boxer Tony Bellew to provide significant funding for the initiative. Thousands of youngsters benefitted from coaching, club sessions, events and coaching qualifications.

On the 2016 initiative,  Terry said: “I had 20 fights that year, and I won 20 fights. It was a good season for me. There are 61 boxing clubs locally, which includes thousands of kids, and I just feel as if I’m giving something back. This club (Rotunda ABC) saved me as a kid. It really did. I’m in a position where I can help now, so it’s the least I can do.”

Away from working hard on property projects, Terry Riley enjoys spending his spare time supporting young boxers and being with his grandchildren.

Contact Terry Riley

Would you like to know more about Terry? Or are you interested in working on a property project with Terry? You can contact Ascot’s Terry Riley at the following email address: terry@ascotpropertyinvestments.com

You can also follow Terry on Twitter and connect with him on LinkedIn.